Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Licence to Try

Exactly eight weeks after I hung up my running shoes - I have been given licence to run. 

Well - actually - I have been given licence to try to run.  

Geoff checked my calf, asked me a pile of questions and said that things sound like they're in pretty good shape.  There's a tight muscle running down the back of my calf but it's much better than it was.  

Plus, other than the achy pain I felt after wearing the wrong shoes (i.e. shoes that were not running shoes) to the mall and walking around for two hours, I have had no pain in almost two weeks. 

All good signs. 

So I get to try to run. 

Geoff will be emailing me a safe return from a stress fracture running program.  It's based on a combination of minutes of running + how quickly I recover from each run. 

Sharp pain = stop running 

Bad pain = stop running

Aches and pains from not having run for two months = keep running. 

How far I run depends on how long it takes for the aches and pains to go away. 

In other words, if I run on a Monday and feel fine by the Tuesday I can run again on Wednesday and increase the number of minutes.  

If I run on a Monday and feel pretty sore on Tuesday, I run the same number of minutes on Wednesday. 

And, if I run on a Monday and feel really really sore on Tuesday, I reduce the number of minutes on Wednesday or, if it's really bad, I don't run at all.


Yeah, me neither. 

I'll feel better when I see the schedule. 

Apparently he and I will be texting a lot over the next few weeks as I report back after every run and he gives feedback.  Between Doug, Geoff, Janice and my running friends, the support I have had through this journey has been pretty incredible. 

Now I just have to see if there's any time left in my schedule for running.

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