Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Love Story

I started writing Running on Carbs back in January - kind of on a whim.

One early January morning, I was checking email at work and I received an email from another agency that encouraged me to read David Hingsburger's blog.  I had heard of Dave but had never read his blog.  Until that day I had, to be honest, never read anyone's blog.  I clicked on the link, read, was inspired and started thinking...

I like to write.

I have lots of things in my life that would provide some writing inspiration.

Why the hell not?

Dave was on Blogger so I copied him and signed up. I picked a standard template (remember the red?), created a tagline and Running on Carbs was born.

The whole process probably took less than an hour.

When I started, I figured I would write mostly about diabetes and running because those were two things that were pretty significant in my life.  They were also topics that allowed me to share a lot of thoughts and struggles without delving too much into my personal life.  Because, believe it or not, I'm a pretty private person.

I choose carefully who I share things with and I keep my cards close to my chest.  I have a public side and a private side.  And they don't often meet.

I am also conscious about sharing information about other people.  I could write all sorts of blogs about what happens at home but that would be completely disrespectful to Doug who is also a very private person.  So I write about things that are fairly benign and I respect, as much as I can, his privacy too.

How's that for a long winded introduction to today's blog?

Today's blog is about a wedding.

My sister's wedding to be exact.

The middle sister is supposed to be rebellious, adventurous, courageous, and independent.  She is all of those.  She is also beautiful, talented, hilarious, strong, vulnerable and wonderful in more ways than I can possibly describe.

She has had quite the journey in her 33 years.  Her journey to find happiness and love has not been an easy one. She has travelled the world, learned several foreign languages, studied in schools across Canada and the world, tried more scary foods than most of us will ever try and filled her passports with more stamps than I can count.

She is an adventurer - full of passion, independence, love, kindness, talent and strength.  And she is also an emotional woman who needed to find someone who could love her independence and stubborn streak while also nurturing her gentle heart, encouraging her endeavours, and supporting her when she needs support.

Finding someone to fill those shoes has taken her all over the world and it ended, eventually, in Israel.

It was quite a journey but she found him.

And, in a few short weeks, she will marry the love of her life.

Folks, I have watched a lot of movies in my time and have read a lot of books.  Love stories are everywhere and many of them melt our hearts, inspire us and have us leaving the theatre with tears in our eyes.

My sister has lived that love story.  Tears have been shed, hearts have been stretched, broken, and healed again.  I watched her struggle, hope, despair, hope again and finally, love.

Two people, from different countries, cultures, customs have found each other.  It has not been easy but they made it work.  Not only did they make it work - they taught us all that love really can conquer everything.

She comes home this weekend.  He arrives a week later.  His family arrives a few days afterwards.

And then, in front of everyone who loves them almost more than they can bear, they will marry.

I will stand behind her.  Her proud older sister with tears in her eyes.

Love is different for everyone.  It is often private.  It is often personal.

But sometimes it inspires the world.

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