Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Not You, It's Me...

My swim cap and I have officially broken up.

It's nobody's fault really.

We jumped into the relationship quickly without really getting to know each other.  We were both so excited and I think we were hoping we would work out our little differences over time.  There were days when it seemed like we might.  But there were more days when we just couldn't seem to communicate about anything.

He wanted to venture off on his own but I wanted him to stay with me.  He wanted to do his own thing and didn't to realize the impact his lack of cooperation was having on me. I'd tell him where I wanted him but, within minutes, he was running off again. We just couldn't work it out.

I talked to my friends about it.  I asked for advice.  I did everything people told me to do but still - he kept sliding off my head.  It made me crazy!

This week, we have been on a trial separation.  He sits on the side of the pool, by my juice boxes, and I swim without him.  He's there if I decide I need him but he's not bothered if I go it alone.

I thought I would miss him but, after two days apart, I realized that I felt better on my own.

So we're done.


Interestingly, now that I'm free from the frustrations of that relationship, I'm able to focus on other things that were also bugging me but I was too preoccupied to notice.

Like my goggles!

Hello?!?  Are you really supposed to completely fog up every two minutes?

When I had to stop every 2nd length to fix my swim cap, I'd also have to adjust my goggles so it didn't feel like a big deal.

Not that I'm free to just swim, I'm becoming annoying aware of how quickly and completely my goggles fog up.

I've tried spitting in them (a lesson learned my scuba diving lesson) but that doesn't seem to work at all.

After speaking to a few swimmer friends, I've been told that goggles really shouldn't do that so perhaps I should invest in a better pair.   And here I thought goggles were goggles.  And swim caps were swim caps.

I'm sensing another breakup in my future...


  1. I was going to mention the spit thing because I learned that scuba diving also. The key is spitting in them and mushing it all around before they even hit the water! However, I've never found that to work very well with swim goggles either. I didn't think a more expensive pair would matter? hmmm...

    I'm glad you broke up with your swim cap. I could sense the frustrations he was causing you and I almost intervened. Phew.

  2. Hahahaha, this post just made my morning. I love the picture. I don't know about goggles- mine still fog up, but I thought it was because I'm too cheap to invest into the anti-fog cleaner or whatever it is. Silly.

    Glad you're free of your swim cap. It's nice to to have to stop so often.