Monday, November 28, 2011

Curling Havoc

When it comes to wreaking blood sugar havoc, running takes the cake.

It wins hands down in terms of how quickly and dramatically it impacts my numbers.

Wanna know what sport comes in close second?




Hell no, swimming makes my blood sugar go up not down.

The second place winner in the blood sugar games is....

....wait for it...


Yup, curling.

The sport where I spend most of my time standing around, leaning on my broom, waiting to do something.

But when I have to do something, man, it's hard.

Bent in half over the broom sweeping my little heart out - it's aggressively difficult work.  Kind of like running the 100m dash.  From nothing to all out to nothing again.

Repeat about 36 times.

The first few times we curled, I tossed a few bags of fruit chews in my pocket out of habit more than anything.

Then I had a few lows in the middle of games.  There I was standing out there on the ice, dripping with sweat and gulping back handfuls of fruit flavoured candies in between sweeping frenzies.  It's crazy.

This weekend we played on Friday night and then practiced on Sunday.  Lows both times.

I think I'm going to have to start lowering my basal rates 1 1/2 hours before I get on the ice.

Who knew?


  1. Maybe when we meet up in March, you can explain the rules of curling to me. I tried to watch it during the last Olympics and was so confused.

    Oh, and there's a rink about ten minutes from where I work. Who knew?

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