Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Does anyone else have crazy nightmares when their blood sugar spikes during the night?

Sunday night, my sister arrived from Israel and landed in Toronto.  My parents picked her up and they stopped at our house for a late dinner on the way home.  Dinner was even later than expected due to a nasty headwind that delayed the flight by 1 1/2 hours.  No big deal but it meant that I took insulin about an hour before going to bed.  Not a good thing when you consider that it takes 4 hours for the insulin to completely disappear from my system.

Basically that meant that I was going to sleep without really knowing how my blood sugar was doing.

Right before bed, it was 5.4.  That seemed ridiculously low considering that I had three more hours of insulin left.  So I had three fig newtons, crossed my fingers and went to bed.

I fell fast asleep and then spent the next three hours running away from this.

and this

My nightmares were absolutely terrifying and cruelly realistic.  I could smell the dragons and feel their body heat as they hunted me.  All the next day I could still hear their high pitched screams as they plunged out of the sky in full attack mode. 

Finally I wrenched myself from sleep and, once my heart stopped pounding, I reached for my glucometer. I was 12.2.  Not ridiculously high by any means but if I hang out anywhere near 12 or above for too long - the nightmares start.

I took about half the recommended dose of insulin that my pump suggested and went back to sleep.  

Three hours later I was 3.4.  How did I know that?  

Because the dragons were back.  

Fire breathing, high pitched screaming, mind-numbingly terrifying dragons. 

I also have nightmares when my sugar drops too quickly. 

I had a juice box and went back to sleep. 

Two blissfully peaceful hours of sleep and then my alarm went off.  

It was 5:30am, my blood sugar was a perfect 6.6 and I had 80 lengths of a pool to swim.  

Up and at 'em girlie - the pool waits for no one. 

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  1. Oh man Celine, that's awful.
    I don't get nightmares of fire breathing screeching dragons thankfully. I would appreciate it though, I usually don't wake up until the high teens. And usually it's an upset stomach and cotton mouth that rouse me.
    What a difficult night... followed by 80 lengths... ? dude, you ROCK!