Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's been seven weeks since my last run and there's only one more week until the magical eight week healing period is over.

I was planning to write weekly injury updates during my two month running hiatus but then swimming became so much fun that I focused on that instead.  

Two weeks ago I did not feel ready to run.  Things still didn't feel 'right' in my calf although I was hard pressed to describe the symptoms.  I just knew I wasn't ready yet.

Last week, I was still a little hesitant at the idea of running.  I wanted to...but not yet.  

This week - my body has gone crazy.  It is raring to go.  It wants to run to the car.  It wants to spring up the stairs.  It feels like I'm constantly holding myself back from sprinting down the street. I feel like a puppy waiting not so patiently by the door for her walk.

Even better is that I don't feel anything at all in my calf.  I haven't felt anything remotely out of the ordinary in a week.  Not a twinge.  Not a tweak.  Nothing.

How nice is that??

I'm behaving myself.  I see Janice on Friday and Geoff next Tuesday so I want to get their expert opinions before I do anything. I won't run until I get the official approval and, even when I can start, it has to start off really really slowly.

We're talking run a minute then walk a minute - repeat ten times and go home.

Not exactly 25k but still - I might be able to run next week!

OMIGOD I'm so excited.

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