Thursday, November 10, 2011

No News is Good News?

My GP called me.   

Correction: the receptionist at my GP's office called me. 

Apparently the hospital forwarded her the results of my bone scan.  

The receptionist told me that the bone scan shows shin splints but no other issues.  

Translation: no stress fracture. 

So I guess that's pretty great news. 

I've had shin splints to varying degrees for the past two years.  I know what shin splints feel like when they're starting, when they're mildly annoying and when they're debilitating.  

I know I have shin splints now.  

I also know that what I'm feeling is NOT shin splints.  Or, if it is, it's some crazy-ass form of shin splints the likes of which I have never felt before.

But the good news is that there is no stress fracture.  

So now what? 

I'm giving Dr. Prince, the sports injury doctor, until tomorrow to call me with the results of the bone scan.  I'd like his opinion on the results. 

Then I'd like to ask him what to do next.  

It's been five weeks since I've run.  My calf/ankle issues are certainly much better than they were five weeks ago.  But I also know that it still doesn't feel quite right.  Shin splints don't feel quite right either but I've learned to recognize the pain that I can run through and the pain that indicates a problem.  I've even learned that there are times when running helps loosen things up and makes them feel better. 

With this pain slash weird feeling in my calf, I don't know what to do because I've never felt anything like it before. 

So do I run? 

Do I push through the pain? 

Do I take more time off?  


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  1. I am not you but based on what you've told me and what I've seen in your eyes when you are in pain.... take more time off. definitely don't push through the pain. but that is simply MY opinion. I need you running because, girl, we need to at least run one race together!