Friday, November 11, 2011

The Book of Better

I like the blogging world for a whole bucket full of reasons.

I love writing and blogging is an easy way for me to get my daily writing fix.

I love reading other blogs and meeting new people who have similar interests - running, cycling, cooking, diabetes (not that that's an interest so much as a reality but still...).

Speaking of diabetes - the fact that I can read, almost daily, other blogs about diabetes mishaps, frustrations and successes that closely mirror my life makes me feel like I'm part of a crazy group of people who are just like me.

Recently, I'm loving all the bizarre connections that seem to happen because one person reads somethings and shares it with someone else who is somehow knowledgeable about (or merely interested in) the topic and suddenly I have a new friend. Considering how many connections I've made in the 10 months that I've been doing this, I can't even begin to imagine where this journey will take me next.

The most recent unexpected thing that happened as a direct result of Running on Carbs is that I was contacted by Jonathan at Three Rivers Press.  He found my blog and wanted to know if I would be interested in reading a new book that's just been published about Type 1 Diabetes.  No strings attached.  No requests to blog about it.  He just thought it was a wonderfully positive book about Type 1 and thought  I might like it.

I wrote back and, when I got home today, there was the FedEx envelope from the publishing house with my brand new book.

Instead of a book about the bad stuff.  The scary stuff.  The dire consequences we will ALL face if we don't maintain tight control and an A1C of 6.0, it's a book about the positive stuff.  

....I know, it's crazy! 

The basic message, from what I've gleamed from reading the back and flipping through the pictures is: 

Don't aim for perfect.  

Aim for better.  

You can't ever be perfect but you can always be better.  

Ahhhhh.  That's music to my ears.  I'm guessing it will be music to a lot of T1 ears.

So this weekend I will be plopping on the couch with a glass or two of wine, a big bowl of pomegranates and my shiny new book of better.  

And, even though they have not asked me to do this, you can expect a book review asap.


  1. I received my book of better yesterday too! I worked from home when the lovely FedEx dude showed up! It took all I had in me to stop flipping through it and get back to work. I am in love with the way the book is laid out. All the neat little pictures and not so in depth writing...
    I think I'm gonna love this book.

  2. :( Jealous. Still waiting for mine to arrive.

  3. Celine!
    Thanks for accepting Jonathan's offer to look at my book (Jonathan is the digital guy at Three Rivers Press/Random House. A great advocate, he took the time to research online folks in the diabetes community who he thought might appreciate The Book of Better. Pretty cool he found you). Looking forward (a little nervously) to hearing what you think... Chuck Eichten