Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Different Kind of Training

T-minus 8 days until my sister's wedding.

That means that my parents' house has become a flurry of activity and my sister is running from last minute dress fitting to hair trials to hall visits.  Everybody is crazy busy.

I have several jobs to do too.  Some have been tasked by my younger sister.  My mother.  The bride-to-be.

Some are top secret.

Some are not.

But the most bizarre thing I've been doing in the build up to the big day has to do with my shoes.

Because, you see, one cannot wear running shoes with a sexy black dress.

No matter how much they want to.

Apparently it would be somewhat of a fashion faux pas.

So I've had to buy fancy shoes.

This is what I ended up with.  

I'm actually pretty proud of myself for a) surviving the great shoe search b) not buying the first pair I found and c) getting a pair that met all of my requirements - silver, sandal, relatively comfy with not too much of a heel. 

Not exactly my Brooks Adrenalines but I think they'll look a little better with the dress.

So now I'm in training.  Sandal training.

Every night after work I change into my comfy clothes and pull on my new sandals.  The first night I lasted about 30 minutes before I took them off.  The second night - 2 hours.  The third - I kept them on from the moment I got home until I went to bed.  

My goal is to bond with these puppies so that, by next Friday, I can walk beautifully in them.  I can go up and down stairs without holding on to the banister for dear life.  And I can wear them for 12 hours without having a completely breakdown. 

The things I do for my little sis.

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