Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Didn't I Learn This Already?

I must be getting better...

...the loads of laundry are on the rise!

Swimming does not create much laundry.  One towel every second day needs to be washed.  Bathing suits and goggles need only be rinsed.  Other than that, there's not much to it.

Running on the other hand requires lots of laundry - especially if you're a sweaty Betty like I am.  Even a 30 minute walk/run results in drenched pants, socks, long sleeved shirt, jacket, gloves and hat.  So a full load of laundry is required every time I pull on my running shoes.  My schedule has me 'running' two days in a row with one day off before two more days on.  So I'm doing a load of laundry a night just to keep the clothes clean.


I had forgotten how much laundry it took to keep me running.

I had also forgotten how much thinking went into running.  Pre-planning basal adjustments.  Eating the right amounts at the right time.  Carrying food.

Apparently I have a very short-term memory because I no longer remember how I used to adjust my insulin.  I never wrote it down because I was doing it so regularly that it felt like second nature.  Apparently one does forget these things so now I have to relearn what used to be instinctive.

Swimming, as it turns out, is ridiculously easy on my blood sugars.  So much so that the two juice boxes I dutifully place pool side are looking a little worn out.  Nine weeks of swimming three times a week means that I've been to the pool about 27 times.  Not once have a I had a low blood sugar.  Nothing even close to a low.

I've been 'running' four times now and I've had one low while running and two lows immediately after running.

I think I was made to be a swimmer.

Too bad I love running too much to give it up without a fight.


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  1. I like to wash my swimwear once a week. I believe it helps them last longer.

    The other day I decided that wearing the same swim gear every time I go to the pool is barbaric. So I got a second pair, and I feel so hedonistic.