Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Less is More

There's a new guy at the pool.

Two new guys actually.

They both look quite fit and, when I spotted them slipping into my lane last week, my first thought was - oh, crap, I'm going to have to swim fast to keep ahead of these two.

Please understand that I am under no illusion that I am an Olympic swimmer.  I am sure that there are hundreds of adjustments I could make to improve the grace and efficiency of my stroke.   I know I am faster than a lot of people but I am also slower than plenty of them.  I'm a middle of the pack'er in the pool.

That being said, I'm not exactly one to judge other people in the pool.  So, normally, I don't.  

The first guy was a pretty decent swimmer.  He's about my speed and, though he stops more than I do, he's fairly consistent and strong.

His sidekick is driving me bananas!

There's a lot of splashing going on.

A hell of a lot of splashing.

If he was swimming in the ocean, he'd be attracting sharks from miles around thinking that there was a wounded humpback whale making a huge commotion.

I should feel bad for him because he's wasting so much effort splashing the water that he's hardly moving forward.  A few simple tricks would make a huge difference for him.

I cannot feel bad however because halfway across the pool he gets exhausted and just gives up.  Flips over on his back and drifts to the other end.

Despite the fact that a girl in blue goggles is bearing down on him.


I am 100% supportive of new swimmers.  Hell, I was new just two months ago.  I get the exhaustion, the tired arms, the panting for breath halfway across the pool.

I have 0% tolerance for people who do not show consideration for others in the pool.  Splash all you want but, if someone is right behind you, pull over and let them pass.  Don't drift on your back and force them to come to a halt half way across the pool because there's no way to get around them.

Last week they were in my lane.

This week they showed up and hopped into Mary's lane beside me.  They both waved at me.  I gave a half smile back and told Mary she could join me in my lane.  Didn't take long for her to take me up on that offer.

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