Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day of 2011.  Which means we're spending tonight with some friends, enjoying the last big meal of the season, planning running relays for 2012, playing games and trying to keep our eyes open until 12:05am.

We'll see how well that goes.

Twenty-eleven was a roller coaster of a year.  Some periods felt calm and predictable but, as I sat on my couch thinking back on the last twelve months, I was surprised how up and down the road actually was.

I started blogging in early 2011 - on a whim.  I told no one for the first few weeks and simply wrote what was in my head, hit post and watched my stats to see what would happen.  I got a reader or two every day - nothing exciting.  Then I started looking for other type 1 runner bloggers out there.  I found their blogs, made a few comments and they found mine.  Along the way, I made a few friends.  Scully was the first and, after exchanging a few emails, it wasn't long before we decided to meet up in person.  Since then, we've trained together, shared diabetic tips and complained about everything diabetes together.  Jeff is coming to Hamilton to run Around the Bay in March so we'll get to meet up too.  Three type ones in one building - watch out world!  Blogging opened up a whole new world for me and I'm so glad I listened to the little voice in my head to try it.

In 2011, I decided to try running all the way around the bay.  It was a tough haul - training for 30k in the Canadian winter.  Not for the faint of heart to be sure.  I survived the training and I survived the race.  I learned a lot about myself as a runner.  I also learned a lot about long distance running and diabetes.

In April, Doug and I went to Boston.  He ran the Boston marathon for the third time and I was inspired to try my hand at 42.2k. After the race we galavanted around Boston and Cape Cod.  I discovered that I love oysters and I was reminded how much more peaceful I feel when I'm by the ocean.

The summer of 2011 was consumed with marathon training.  The schedule was posted in the kitchen and it served as my guide, my motivation, my conscience and my ass-kicker.

I took it down in October - mere weeks before the race.  I was sidelined with a stress fracture and would not be running the 2011 Niagara Falls International Marathon.  Before I took it down, I snapped a photo.  To remind me of how close I came to that start line and to serve as inspiration should I decide to try again.

Despite a gruelling running schedule, I was able to squeeze a few other activities into my summer.  We went to Gravenhurst for a few days - to celebrate my birthday as well as the fact that we survived our second Simcoe Shores ultra distance relay.

Simcoe Shores finish line. 

Enjoying the breeze on the Seguin. 

I learned a lot this year.  I learned about friendship and I learned about death.  I learned that life throws curveballs and to never take things for granted.  I learned to swim and I learned to sit patiently with ice packs on my legs when all I wanted to do was run.  I went to cheer my friends at Niagara Falls and discovered that I did have the strength to watch the race I was supposed to run. 

Two weeks later, I cheered Doug on as he ran the Hamilton marathon.  

The next morning, I went to the pool at 6am, swam two kilometres and realized that I was ok with not running. 

Thank you everyone. For following along as I muse about life.  For leaving comments.  For understanding when I take a week off and don't write a word.  

Thank you for being there. 

Here's to 2012! 


  1. Yes. A beautiful post, indeed. Isn't it wonderful how we are continually given opportunities to learn ... each year, "life" teaches us so much! Thank YOU for sharing, Celine. All the best to you and Doug in 2012!