Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Setting My Sights

My marathon training program has long since been removed from the kitchen chalkboard.

Today, my new training program was posted in its place.

While not as exciting as a marathon training plan, it's arguably a lot more important.  It's my stress fracture recovery plan.

If all goes well, it will take me from one minute of running to 40 minutes of running in six weeks.

Since I won't officially be starting this plan until Saturday (post-wedding craziness), the plan will take me to January 21st.  If all goes well.

If all goes well has become my new running mantra.

Working up to 40 minutes of running by the middle of January means that it's not very likely that I'll be running all the way Around the Bay in March.  Too much too soon is the best way to end up back on the disabled list.

So I wave goodbye to my 2nd Bay run and set my sights on a spring half marathon.

I haven't picked one yet.  There are two in Israel at the end of March - one in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem.  Either one would make for a fun excuse to visit my sister.  Sadly my vacation time doesn't kick in until April 1st so that won't work.

But.....there is a half in Montréal at the end of April.

Montréal en Avril - c'est une idée super agréable!

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  1. ... but you'll come cheer on Scully and me, right?

    Yay running again!