Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Workout Report - First Quarter

The first quarter of 2014 is behind us already.

Some people I know have already started Christmas shopping. I won't be included on that list until we are well into the fourth quarter of 2014. 

Curling is finished...until it starts again. 

And golf may start up by the end of the week if the warmer spring temperatures hold. 

Time to report on how March went in the ol'fitness department and how this year is shaping up so far. 

I ran 10 times in March for a total of 101km.

I cycled 6 times for a total of 112km

I swam 5 times and managed to finish 15.5km. 

I missed two runs due to bad winter weather but I got two more bike sessions in so that kinda evens out. 

I missed two weeks of swimming because the Masters classes didn't run during March break or the week after. 

The grand totals for the year so far: 

Run 265km in 29.5 hours
Bike 297km 15.5 hours 
Swim 47km in 22.5 hours

I'm well on my way to running 1000km this year and April will be pretty heavy mileage-wise as I up the distance for my June half. 

I'm very happy with all the time I've spent on the bike - especially considering the fact that the weather has been too cold to be outside. Fifteen sessions on the trainer is only going to help once we're back on the road again.  

I am a little disappointed by the lack of swimming but April is a new month and I fully intend to pick it up in the pool. No vacations planned and Masters has resumed so there are no excuses. 

Let spring begin! 

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