Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One More Activity to add to the Calendar

Some of you might have noticed that, when I've talked about golf during the past few weeks, I also made reference to 'our golf club' or 'our golf course'.

Doug has been a member of the local golf and country club for a while now. I've been a curling member there for several winters but decided to jump in with both feet and sign up as a golf member too. At least for this summer. To see if I like it.

Being a golf member has its privileges. One of which is a small but serviceable gym.

You know, the kind with weights and a treadmill.

I haven't used a real gym of any kind in years and years.

I run outside in all weathers and all seasons. If it's just too awful to run outside, I don't run.

I cycle outside during the spring, summer and fall and cycle in the basement in the winter.

The only facility I actually drive to and pay fees to exercise in is the community pool.

Now I have use of a gym. With weights. And a treadmill.

I used to love lifting weights back in my YMCA days but haven't done that since discovering my love of cardio activities on the open road.

Now I have the use of a gym. With weights.

It's pretty much there for the taking.

Problem is finding the time in my fitness schedule to squeeze in some weight lifting.

Finding the time? Or making the time?

Considering how much I love my swims, rides and runs, and the fact that I'm taking full advantage of golf season, it really will be about making the time.

Any scheduling tips for how to squeeze it all in? While working full time, sleeping 8 hours a night and spending quality time with Doug?

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  1. You only need to do strength training twice a week. Supposing you swim Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, you can always do what I do: get up at the normal swim time on Tuesday and Thursday and go to the gym. Easy peasy.