Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Happening

In the last two years, the following things have happened:

I have started dyeing my hair and I eagerly look forward to each appointment at the salon because I can actually see fistfuls of grey appear between appointments.

I have started paying attending to the face cream I buy. I need to make sure that it had as high an SPF as I can find but I have also started looking for words like ‘anti-aging’, ‘overnight recovery’, ‘wrinkle-fighting’ etc.

I am shorter than I used to be. Not by a lot but by enough that I would much prefer that my doctor asks to check my weight rather than my height. It makes me sad that I have already reached my peak height and am heading down the other side.

I am now considered a senior golfer at the golf course.

On the other hand I have gone from being the oldest in my age category to the youngest which will be fun this summer when I'm doing triathlons. 

I have stopped wearing shimmery eye shadow and now gravitate towards matte because it seems more fitting for people "my age". 

Of course, when I'm out with my sister I usually wear some crazy combination of colours and we prance around like glamour girls.

I have come to realize that warm-ups and cool-downs are actually an important part of any workout. In fact when I hop on the training for a cycling workout and the guy on the video says to warm up at 80rpm, it takes me the entire length of the 10-minute warm-up to warm up enough to be able to cycle 80rpm.

I wear contacts when I am outside in the sunshine which allows me to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. 
I need the contacts to see far. I can see just fine close up without my glasses. Turns out that, when I wear contacts, everything close up becomes blurred. To the point of not being able to read small print or be able to tell if there are air bubbles in my insulin tubing.

I have to dress up more often than I used to which makes me feel like I'm acting more mature than I actually am sometimes. I've learned that wearing fun socks helps that. Anyone with x-ray vision can see that, under my fancy dress boots, I am wearing socks with sushi pieces all over them, knee-high bright pink socks with black moustaches or crazy striped ones. It's fun and makes me feel a little more me. 

I love playing Scrabble as well as doing sudoku and other puzzles. I used to do them purely for fun. Now I do them mostly for fun but also to keep my brain active because that's what we are supposed to do to keep sharp in our dotage. 

I add spinach to my breakfast shake to make sure I am getting enough vegetables in my diet. 

I read Macleans. I watch Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes. I am currently reading a handbook on golf rules. 

I say things like "that's totally awesome" and then secretly wonder if anyone else says that kind of stuff anymore. 

When I look online for shoes or sandals, I always click on the "orthotic" option because there is no point in buying shoes if my orthotics can't fit into them. Right? 


Omigod it's happening isn't it?

I am turning into my forty year old self. 



  1. Haha! You're OLD!!! (I won't be 40 for another 6 months.)

  2. I won't actually be 40 until August. Just planning ahead is all.