Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back on the Course Again

Golf season is upon us and, just like that, I begin my second summer as a golfer.

Despite a desperately long and cold winter and a slow to start spring, Doug and I managed to drag our clubs out of the basement on Sunday and get a bit of practice in.

Our golf club is not yet open for playing and the driving range is still off limits but the short game area opened this weekend so we headed over to join the hordes of other golfers itching to get out to play.

No drivers were allowed so I practiced my sand trap escape technique which, while it may be a little unorthodox, works fairly well most of the time so I am loathe to change it.

I practiced my wedge shots where the goal is to hit the underside of the ball, scooping it up in the air and then watch it drop down all lovely-like onto the green. I manage to do that about half the time. The other half I hit the ball on the top rather than underneath and send it careening across the green into the bunkers on the other side.

Which I guess is good because it gives me more bunker practice.

I practiced my putting and was reminded that I am very good at either aiming or getting the weight right but it's a rare moment when I get them both working well at the same time.

Finally, Doug and I played a wee little game by hitting the ball around the practice area. We played three par 3 holes that way. The first took me 6 shots to sink. The second took me 8 because I kept going from the bunker to the other side of the green and back into the bunker again. The third one I sunk in 2 giving me my first birdie of the season.

Game on!

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