Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh She Glows

There is a blog I have been following for a few years now. It is written by a fellow Canadian lass named Angela Liddon.

It's not a diabetes blog.

It's also not a running, swimming or triathlete blog - although she does talk about exercise sometimes.

This may or may not come as a surprise to you but it's a vegan blog called Oh She Glows.

I discovered Angela a few years ago when I decided to look online to see if there was a way to make homemade Larabars. I loved (still love) Larabars and was going through them at an expensive rate. Considering the ingredient list on most of them was three or four items long, I figured it couldn't be too hard to make them on my own.

I found Angela, printed out her recipe and discovered Oh She Glows.

The larabars were delicious. As were the energy bites recipe I tried. And the roasted tomato soup. And the green monster smoothies that made her famous. She develops her own recipes, grows a lot of her own ingredients and taught herself to take some pretty stunning food photography.

And despite being a meat-loving, gluten eating, kinda girl, I kept coming back to her blog.


Because Angela makes delicious recipes. I could care less that they are vegan and I don't avoid any foods or food groups so the fact that most recipes are gluten-free, dairy free, processed sugar free etc didn't make one ounce of difference either.

I just really really like her recipes and am constantly impressed at how tasty she can make foods that are, rightly or wrongly, are often thought of as tasteless. Plus I like the fact that it gets me to try stuff I wouldn't normally try - like spelt berries and chia seeds.

A few weeks ago, Angela released her first cookbook.

A few days ago she announced that her vegan cookbook make the New York Times bestseller list. In less than a month.


I bought her cookbook and have tried three recipes so far.

A cauliflower lentil curry soup. An African peanut stew. And a protein goddess (her name not mine) salad.

All were easy to make. All were super healthy. All were delicious. All made for wonderful leftover lunches. Most importantly, all were satisfying and kept me satisfied despite some tough early-morning workouts that usually leave me super-hungry all day.

I already have two people in mind for whom I will be buying this cookbook.

I also have a bunch more recipes bookmarked that I will be trying.

This gluten-loving carnivore gives the Oh She Glows cookbook her stamp of approval.

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    I make her vegan mac'n'cheese often. This past weekend I brought it to a family dinner and even my wee niece and nephew liked it. My family usually sticks their noses up at my vegan gf concoctions so this was awesome!
    You introduced me to her blog years ago.