Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things That I'm Happy About This Week

Things I am happy about this week

  • that I have had Dexter on for seven days and he doesn't even need sticky reinforcement yet. 
  • that I drove for an hour yesterday and the sun shone the entire time
  • that my presentation for Friday is all set and ready to go
  • that Doug and I tried homemade nachos, complete with homemade pico de gallo, and it was delicious

  • that I haven't seen one snowflake this week. Not one!
  • that the Parti Québécois was soundly thumped in the provincial election and that the discriminatory ideas they had will not come to pass. Go Québec for voting for inclusion rather than exclusion!
  • that the sun doesn't set until almost 8pm now
  • that I finished the book I was reading called the Sixth Extinction. It was quite interesting and made me long for my science days
  • that, after searching in three different Winners, I found my favourite shampoo at a really good price and bought one of those big huge bottles
  • that we are all stocked up for the easter egg hunt we are running at a family Easter event
  • that I've only snuck three (ok four) chocolate eggs from the Easter egg hunt stash (don't tell Doug)
  • That Game of Thrones Season Four has started. We don't actually get HBO but just knowing it's on makes me happy.
  • That it's Wednesday today but, since I have the next two days off, it's kinda like Friday.
  • That I have a four-day weekend this week AND next weekend
  • That the Masters is on this weekend and, if the weather holds, our own golf course might just open too
  • That we're watching Season Two of West Wing and I really like it 
  • That my red bathing suit seems to be holding up nicely so far
  • That I make lists like this sometimes and they remind me how many things there are to be happy about.


  1. The last one is the best :-) (little things that makes one happy and on the go)

  2. Those nachos look delicious!