Monday, April 28, 2014


Pssst! It's Zip. The Fitbit. 

You have to help me.

I have been purchased by a madwoman. 

Do you know what she did on Saturday?!? 

She woke up at 6:30am. On a weekend for heaven's sake. After waking me up at 5am or earlier all week. Who does that??

She pulled on her running tights. I have already learned that running on a Saturday means that we're headed out for a run that is longer than the runs we do before work. Last weekend we ran 10k together on Saturday so I figured we'd be back home within 75 minutes and enjoying a warm cup of coffee while we stretched. 

She headed out along the same route we took last Saturday. So far so good. 

I've noticed that she starts off kinda slow. It seems to take her a few kilometres to warm up. She slowly found her rhythm and her pace picked up bit by bit. 

As we approached the corner we turned at last weekend, I smiled and prepared to congratulate her on being half done her run. I was also looking forward to heading back into a warm living room as it was starting to drizzle a bit. 

She didn't turn. 

She didn't turn at the next corner either. Or the one after that. 

When she finally turned, we were 8k from home, I had no idea where we were and I was starting to worry she was running to Toronto. That's about when Doug pulled up in the car to see how she was doing. She said she was fine, feeling pretty good actually, had a few sips of water and carried on. 

At 10k, she turned left down a street we have never been down before. She ran 2k down that street and then, if you can imagine, turned around and ran 2k back to the 10k spot. Except it was now the 14k spot. 

She pulled over at Doug's car, drank some water and Nuun, checked her blood sugar and compared it to Dexter (who, to my happiness, was along for the ride. At least I had someone to talk to). She had a gel, half a pack of fruit chews and headed off again. 

I had no idea where we were but home was nowhere in sight. And it was still drizzling. 

She ran another 3k and she actually got a bit faster with every kilometre. Like 20 seconds faster than she was running at the 10k mark. One last quick pit stop with Doug at 17k for a drink and then he left and she carried on to run the last 3k home. 

Twenty freakin' kilometres!! On a Saturday morning. Before 10am. 

Twenty one thousand steps. 

She's a complete nutter. 

She bounced into the house and announced that she felt great. Her blood sugar behaved, nothing hurt and her energy held. I'm learning that these are really important things. 

I am also learning that there are different definitions for 'sleeping in on Saturday morning'. 

Looks like I'm going to have to learn to love the wee hours. 


  1. Awesome! 21k? Admiring you very much right now.

  2. How long have you been using Nuun? Big fan? I was thinking about using it for my half, that or Vega's electrolyte powder. I tried the Vega one for my 18 and I felt great but then again there are just so many factors involved. Would love to hear your thoughts!