Thursday, April 10, 2014

All the News That's Fit to Print

In sporting news....

This Sunday morning our cycling group may, I repeat may, be riding OUTSIDE. For the first time since October. It will be crisp and we will need to wear many layers of clothing but, for the first time in six months, I won't be on the trainer in the spider-filled basement. Not to mention the post-ride chocolate milk and cycling banter. Yay!!

On Wednesday morning at the pool there was a head-on collision. As in one swimmer pulled out to pass another swimmer and crashed head on into a swimmer in the oncoming lane. I was the swimmer in the incoming lane. It only took five minutes for the shaking to stop after having been shocked so badly and it only took four hours for my headache to subside. The fear of random crashes in the pool may take a little longer to go away...

On Wednesday evening I bet, well actually Doug bet for me, $10. Five dollars that Angel Cabrera will win the Masters and five dollars that Jason Dufner will. If either do I plan to retire on my winnings.

Since I last changed Dexter I have run 22km, swum 6km and cycled for 90 minutes and he is still firmly attached. I can normally get one swim or two runs out of him before he starts to become unglued. I'm not sure what's up with this one but I think he has a crush on me.

On Tuesday evenings, starting as soon as it gets warm, I will be golfing with a group of three other women. Two of them I do not know. The one I do know assured me that I'd fit in just fine. She said she's only been golfing for 15 years and isn't that good. Oh dear.

On Tuesday last week I received an email with a photo advertising this year's Aktiv Open Water Swim Series. The one I swam in twice last summer. Take a look at the poster and see if you recognize anyone...

On Sunday last weekend I ran 16k. Afterwards my stomach was kinda unhappy and would not settle despite chocolate milk, an apple with some almond butter and a comforting lunch of oatmeal. A running friend of mine had told me earlier that she read about someone who drank pickle juice for electrolytes on runs. We laughed about gross that sounded but, on a whim, I decided to eat a pickle. Guess whose stomach settled immediately? 

On Friday last week in the locker room I was chatting with my swimming friends after our workout. They were talking about how lazy they were. These are the people who were at the pool at 5:30am and had just finished a tough 90-minute workout. Lazy?!?

And that, my friends, is all the news that's fit to print.

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