Monday, March 31, 2014

Seasonal Ambitions

To everything there is a season. Except when there isn't. 

Curling season ended on Friday night. That's it now until some time in late October. 

Which means that golf season is starting. 

Some years there is a bit of overlap. In fact last year by mid-March, many curlers were squeezing in a round of golf before their curling games on Friday nights. It was a little surreal. This year, because of the cold, the golf season is still a few weeks off. 

Once it starts though - watch out!

When the weather starts to turn cold in the fall, my curling friends and I start getting excited to get back on the ice. We sign up for bonspiels, we show up on Sunday mornings to practice, we love it! 

A few weeks before the end of March, when the season is wrapping up, we start showing up less than ten minutes before we need to be on the ice. We still have fun when we're there but we also start talking about how much we are looking forward to having Friday evenings free. The curling season is over and so is our excitement for it. 

We're already dreaming about golf. 

And golf is the best thing ever...until about October. That's when I start looking forward to taking a break from the golf course and getting back on the curling ice. 

It got me thinking about the other activities I do. The ones I do all year-round. When it comes to swimming, cycling and running, there really isn't a season. 

Sure, there is an indoor cycling season and an outdoor one. An indoor swimming season and an outdoor one. But the activity itself never stops. Just where I do it changes. 

How come I don't get tired of those activities the way I do with curling or golf? Is it precisely because there is no 'season' and I can't afford to get tired of them? Do I approach seasonal sports differently because there is a 'finish line' of sorts? Is it all in my head and, if curling went year-round, I would enjoy it year round? 

To everything there is a season. Except when there isn't one. 

Speaking of golf, how fun is this golf skort? A lovely little nod to the Irish half of my heritage don't you think? 

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