Friday, October 4, 2013

Twinkle Toes...Sort of.

There are plenty of bandwagons out that there I refuse to jump on.

Atkins diet? No thanks. Eliminating entire food groups just sees wrong to me...and so sad considering how tasty that food group is.

Skinny jeans? Nope...although I must admit that I did try on a pair. I am proud to say that I have a little too much muscle in my legs to make those puppies look anything other than very unflattering.

The whole "Keep Calm and...blah blah blah" thing? Rather annoying actually.

I also tend to dismiss many of the tips I read in magazines. Especially the really specific workout-type tips that you often find in health magazines. You know the ones. In order to strengthen the one muscle in your leg that you didn't even realize you have you have to balance precariously on a chair with your other leg up against the wall and then squat 20 times. Or something like that.

I always read the articles themselves. I learn all about the rationale behind why I should strengthen or stretch a particular body part, I look at the step by step exercise photos. I read the captions. And then I turn the page to read reviews of the latest running shoes.

Until last week when I was reading the latest issue of Runners World and they were talking about plantar fasciitis and shin/calf issues. Those three things are what always sidelines me when I run. The article talked about the inherent weaknesses in the feet of people who over-pronate (me), how those weaknesses create other problems that lead to injuries like, oh I don't know, stress fractures!

They gave a list of exercises to do to strengthen the muscles in my feet. None of them looked too crazy. And none of them required any special equipment that I didn't already own.

Best of all, some of the exercises I could do while sitting on the couch writing my daily blog.

So I headed to the kitchen, opened the drawer that holds the tin foil and plastic wrap and I grabbed an elastic. Then I headed upstairs to my nail polish supply bag and I grabbed my little plastic thing I use to separate my toes before I paint my toe nails.

I came back down to the couch and grinned at Doug who was looking at me a little warily.

I wrapped the elastic around the toes of my right foot and proceeded to try to separate my toes.

Like this! 

Doug didn't say much but I'm pretty sure he was impressed at how far I could separate them. 

After I did that 20-ish times on each foot, I put the elastic down and I shoved the plastic divider between my toes. And then I started squeezing my toes together as hard as I could. 

Again, Doug was so amazed at my toe talent he couldn't say a word. Just kinda stared at me... 

Who knows really if this is going to do anything to prevent future fractures or shin splints. I just like it because it's easy enough to do and can be done while I'm doing more important things. Like sitting on the couch reading a magazine or watching Game of Thrones. 

I asked Doug if he was going to tell all his golf buddies about my latest toe fitness routine. He said he didn't think so. Probably a good idea. We wouldn't want to make them all jealous at the strength in my toes now would we?


  1. PFfftt... Totally giggling out loud here. And for the record, you've put this up on the interwebs so... it's kind of public! HAHA!
    Skinny jeans? stupid. Keep calm... IRRITATING, Atkins - completely DAFT. I'm glad we agree on that.
    This toe thing? cute. Also, It makes sense and although I live my life mostly shoeless (or Vibrams) and don't feel like I need to strengthen anything nor do I have problems... THIS does look like logical.

  2. Ah, I subscribe to Runner's World but I think I missed this. I'm going to have to give it a try as well, looks fun and easy!