Monday, October 21, 2013

Not Feeling the Taper

Thursday morning, I ran 8k. There is nothing unusual about that. 

Friday morning, I ran 10k. I don't run on Fridays typically. Fridays are swim days. I ran 10k on Friday because a) I had been away all last week for work and my workout routine was all messed up b) I was off work on Friday and had the time to do it and c) I was going to visit my little sis on Saturday and would not have time to run. 

So in less than 24 hours, I ran 18k. During my pre-race taper time. Not typical and probably not a super good idea. 

On Saturday, my sister and I met up just after 9am and were on our feet until about 6pm other than a few quick sit downs to drink water and get our bearings. We love to walk and shop when we are together and walk and shop we did. 

By Sunday morning, my feet were aching and my legs didn't feel much better. 

I had come home on Saturday night with a few new purchases and, as is my habit, when I bring a few new things home, my anti-clutter bug kicked in. I hate clutter, I hate having closets that are too full and drawers that hardly close. So Sunday morning after breakfast, I headed upstairs to keep the clutter in check. 

I tackled my sock drawer. 

Then my underwear drawer. 

Then my running clothes drawer(s). 

My closet. 

Under the bathroom sink. 

The linen closet. 

My desk. 

My jewelry box. 

One thing led to another and I kept at it until dinner time. I felt much better afterwards but, again, I was on my feet all day.  

After dinner I collapsed on the couch and could feel the pressure points in my feet throbbing. 

It's been a long long time since they've had that much constant pounding for so many days in a row. In fact, they haven't been so sore since my two weeks of walking around Israel. 

Six more days until the Niagara Falls half marathon. I had better get serious about this taper and give my feet a break. 

I foresee a lot of couch-time this week. 

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