Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fancy Shoes

If I'm not training for one thing, I'm training for another.

My half marathon medal is still warm and I'm already tying on my shoes to prepare for my next challenge.

Another race you ask?


A new sport perhaps?

Wrong again.

This time I'm training my feet for an event that is taking place in less than a week. The training program is very rushed but I had to wait until I finished my race before I started the next challenge. I didn't want to mess up one race by training too early for the next.

Any guesses yet?

That's ok. I wouldn't have believed it either except I'm the one doing it.

That's right folks. I'm wearing heels. 

Doug and I are going to a fancy fundraiser on the weekend. I am wearing an honest to goodness dress, complete with little black purse, shiny earrings and fancy bracelet. 

My running shoes, even brand new and still clean, do not match my outfit. Neither do my go to black flats that I wear when I dress up a notch for work meetings. 

I don't wear heels very often. Once every year or two at most. Putting those puppies on and surviving a night of walking around a winery while balancing a wine glass and plate of gourmet food is not something I can just wing. I must prepare. 

My training program is as follows:

Monday night - wear shoes and walk around the house for 30 minutes 
Tuesday night - wear shoes and walk around the house for 45 minutes 
Wednesday night - wear shoes for 60 minutes and go up and down the stairs at least five times
Thursday night - wear shoes for 90 minutes and go up and down the stairs at least five times
Friday night - off for curling
Saturday night - put on fancy dress, matching bracelet and silver shoes. Try not to fall, twist my ankle, spill my wine or develop a stress fracture.
Sunday - running shoes and compression socks

Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on your half and Good luck with this training! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the full ensemble! I am like you...I think the last time I wore heels (about the same height as yours, but sturdier), was in Dec 2008, on "formal night" at dinner on our cruise. I barely made it! :)