Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Test or Trial? They're Both Rather Hard

Last Friday we were told we were going to be doing a Time Test at the pool.

Not a Time Trial.

Any idea what the difference is?

It's ok. I didn't really know either but apparently the word 'test' is supposed to be more comforting than the word 'trial'.

A bunch of nervous swimmers showed up - several of whom has never done a time trial or a time test before. I had done a few time trials and was used to the routine. For time trials, half of us get out of the pool to time the other half. The ones swimming have to swim 300m as fast as they can. They get a few minutes rest and then do it again. Three times in total. Then we switch and the timers swim while the swimmers time.

This time, we were doing a time test and we were all in the pool together. In fact there were three swimmers in my lane alone. We warmed up with freestyle, pulling, kicking, 4x50m while pulling buckets and then 4x25.

The time test itself consisted of 16x100m. Each 100m was going to be done on 2:00. That means that every 2 minutes we start the next 100m. If we finish each one in, say, 1:50, we get ten seconds rest. If we finish them in 1:58, we get two seconds rest. Every two minutes the clock starts and you'd better be ready to swim.

Mr 70.3 led our lane. I was second. Touch my Toes (as I've decided to call her) was third. We left five seconds between us.

I mentally prepared myself with the thought that, in 32 minutes, it will all be over. Just chase Mr 70.3's bubbles and try not to die.

The first 100m, as usual, was really fast. I touched the wall in 1:38. Egad! There is no way I can keep that up for 15 more.

The second was 1:39.

The third was 1:40.

After that, I stayed between 1:39 and 1:41. Like clockwork. I didn't slow down but Touch my Toes sped up. Just a bit with every 100m but enough that she was starting to make up the five second difference between us and was catching up to me. I offered to switch places but she said no. She said that the only thing motivating her was to keep chasing my bubbles.

So I spent the workout trying not to let her catch me. She spent the workout trying to catch me. Win win.

This kind of workout is pretty intense and rather tiring because you never get a break. I mean, yes, we had about 20 seconds between each but it was never enough to catch my breath. I barely had time to grab a sip of Nuun.

On number 13 (out of 16), I felt Touch my Toes touch my toes.


I hate that feeling.

I kicked hard and revved it up a notch.

And the last two I gave it everything I had left and finished them in 1:38 and 1:37.

She never touched me again.

Mr. 70.3 always stayed the same distance ahead of me because he was doing 1:39s and 1:40s as well. I was disappointed that I never caught him but I was pleased to learn that he and I were essentially the same pace.

That means I'm getting faster!

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  1. Wow, that sounds so exhausting to me haha but great job! And congrats on getting faster-I think that's the biggest motivator to see improvements week to week :)