Friday, October 11, 2013

A Grand Toast

Life is full of good days. Days when you feel good. When the weather is good. Days when you get all the green lights on the way to the pool. Or when you get to the checkout counter and there is no one ahead of you.

Occasionally, there are days that are better than good.

There are days that are grand.

Wednesday was a grand day.

Wednesday started off as any other day. I went to work. I ran a meeting. I responded to emails. A 2pm however, that all changed. At 2pm, my good friend Erin (hi Erin!) and I played hooky from our respective places of work. We left early and met up in St. David's at the St. David's golf course.

It was October 9th and the weather was spectacular. Shorts and a short-sleeved shirt spectacular. The leaves were changing. The air smelled like it does when you're camping in the back country. The course was teeming with life and lush with colour.

Erin had not been out to play once all summer. I had been playing all summer, trying to wrap my head about the game. Turns out that made us pretty evenly matched.

We hit fabulous balls, we hit horrible ones. I lost my favourite orange ball in a water hazard and almost took out a car with one of my erratic drives. We agreed that, if this is what retirement is like, we'll take it.

It was a grand afternoon.

We drove back to my place where Doug was waiting. He had waved me off with a grin and a warning to 'swing smooth' and set himself to work making our dinner. We walked in to the kitchen and were greeted by a fabulous aroma of dinner smells and a glass of red wine.

We regaled Doug with our golf stories while he grilled cheese for our appetizers, prepared perfect steaks with homemade mushroom sauce for our meal and baked pears that were served with cherries and blue cheese for our dessert.

Erin and I agreed that he is the most wonderful man on the planet and we told him so. Several times. He grinned and waved us off but we knew he was pleased as punch with himself. And rightly so.

The golf season for 2013 won't last much longer. We may yet squeeze in another game or two before it becomes too cold to play. But I'm raising my glass to toast 2014 and may it be filled with many grand retirement-style afternoons on the golf course.

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  1. Wednesday was a perfect day. It really was. I could get used to that. Apparently we may be closer to retirement style days then we think. When I got in my car after leaving your house I was exhausted, I had a full and happy belly, it was dark, and I swore it had to be at least 9:30 at night. It was only 7:30!! Clearly I need to build up some stamina for my retirement!