Friday, October 25, 2013

The Week in Review

Lots of little things happened this week so I thought a weekly report, complete with bullet points, was the way to go.

  • On Tuesday I received information re the cost of new Dexcom that is coming to Canada. 
  • On Wednesday I called my insurance company who said that they would cover $1000 of the $1500 cost for the receiver and transmitter and 100% of the cost for the sensors. All I needed was a prescription from my doctor for all three things. Woohoo! 
  • On Thursday I called my best contact at the Niagara Diabetes Centre and explained the situation. My next appointment there is not until February and they are booked so tightly that I won't be able to get in any earlier. She said to email her all the details of what I need and she will speak with the doctor who will be back next Tuesday (October 29th). She said that she did not think it would be a problem to get me a prescription written. Yes! 
  • On Tuesday AND Thursday I ran with my new earbuds. The Yurbuds for women. I was more than a little skeptical when I put them in and they felt like they were barely hanging on. I was more than a little impressed when I ran six kilometres and they held on tight and sounded great. I never once had to reach up and adjust. They did not slip or slide nor did the cord bunch or pull. I love them and they will definitely be joining me on the half marathon this Sunday. 
  • A few weeks ago I wrote a blog wondering about naturopaths. I had never been to one but thought I might like to try. I looked up several in our area. I contacted one by email who was slow to respond and rather unhelpful. I contacted another, asked if they were knowledgeable of type 1 diabetes and athletes. He responded saying yes, he understood type 1 diabetes, knew a lot about sports nutrition and also guessed (correctly) that I might be running in the Niagara half marathon this weekend.  My gut said go so I booked an appointment for next Wednesday after work. I am really looking forward to it. 
  • On Thursday I went to my favourite running store after work. I was all excited because my Brooks adrenaline shoes now came in a fabulous colour combo of purple and lime green. 
Pretty eh? 

  • They had my size which was pretty exciting in and of itself as I wear a rather uncommon 10.5 Wide. 
  • They opened the box to show me and I looked down to see these shoes staring back at me. 
  • I asked for the purple ones like the ones on the shelf. I was told that Brooks does not make the colourful options available in the wide sizes. Just in the regular sizes. I asked if Brooks discriminates against wide people for any particular reason. I was told that this is how they always do it. I suggested that the next time the Brooks rep comes to the store they could be told about their very unhappy customer with the extra wide feet who likes bright colours. I left with yet another pair of boring, sissy, blue and white shoes. Perhaps the 2014 edition will be a little flashier?
  • I was reading an article in Triathlete magazine about on-line dating for triathletes. The article gave a list of things not to talk about on your dating profile or on the first few dates with non-triathletes. One of them was bedtimes. The article strongly suggested that you don't mention about going to bed every night at 8:30pm in order to get up at the crack of dawn. I just want to say, for the record, that it was 8:45pm when I read the article, lying in bed. I read the line out loud to Doug who was happily lying right beside me reading his own bedtime story. Guess it helps to date within the tribe doesn't it? 
And that, my friends, is all she wrote.


  1. Your insurance is covering the Dexcom??? That's so awesome!! Glad it worked out for you!!

  2. Your insurance is covering Dexcom?! HOLY SNAP!!! KUDOS!!! You are super duper amazing and now I NEED to call my insurance company. I don't believe it!

    secondly, F Brooks! Man that makes me angry. All the shoes are pink and barfey neon colours but the purple and lime is RAD!

    Ryan went to a naturopath and now I'm thinking of going.... weird eh?

    Oh and the bedtime thing? yeah. I don't get why NOT to talk about it if we're all in the same boat right?

  3. Right F-ing on for the Dexcom!!! Congratulations! Who is your insurer?

  4. For any Canadians who are interested, my insurer is Empire Life. They were great and really supportive when I called. It helped that the women I spoke with has a young daughter with type 1 who just got her first, pink, Animas pump.

  5. I need more sleep. But 8:30 (or even 9:00) is soooo early.

  6. Yay! I'm so excited for you that your insurance is covering the CGM!