Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Away From Home

I'm away for work this week and being away for work means eating food that is less than ideal, working long hours, not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep.

A regular workout routine goes out the window too.

The end result is that I feel really rather gross by the end.

This morning, my luck changed a bit. We have a bit more time than usual before our first meeting and I was able to squeeze in an early-morning run.

I woke up way before the sunrise. I pulled on my running clothes, guzzled my water and headed out. I had no choice but to run along a busy road with no sidewalks for the first kilometre. No street lights to guide my way, I almost went over on my ankle twice. Once when I ran through a pile of apples that were strewn all over the side of the road and the second time when I nearly fell into a pothole. Car headlights alternated between lighting up the road for me and then leaving me blinded when darkness returned.

I turned left on to the first residential road that I found and weaved my way through the neighbourhoods. The city was waking up and I passed walkers, runners, and cyclists. Everyone nodded hello and most also gave a cheery 'good morning, how are you?'.

The sky turned from black to blue to purple to pink and I bounded along feeling more like myself than I have in days. I intended to run six kilometres but decided en route that eight was a much lovelier number.

I arrived back at the motel feeling refreshed and energized. I transformed the yogurt, muesli and apples that I brought into a delicious breakfast and found a way to make green tea in the coffee maker.

It's the little things isn't it?

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