Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Goal Update

This may be my last official goal update of this year?


Wait and see..

Here is my goal list from wayyyy back in January.

- complete the Tel Aviv half marathon
- stay injury free
- complete three triathlons, including an Olympic distance
- pay down debt
- log 1000k of running this year
- complete two events in the Aktiv Swim Series this summer
- play 10 round of golf
- play the baby steps golf course until I can do it in 50 rather than 61.

And here are the updates: 

Tel Aviv half marathon - done! 

Stay injury free - that goal went flying out the window after I stress fractured my foot from, of all things, walking. 

Complete three triathlons - done! I completed four, including one Olympic distance. The season is over so that's it until next June. 

Pay down debt - done! Well, not done done but it's been a good month. Last week, after one year of waiting, appealing, waiting, and more waiting, I received the reassessment of my taxes based on the fact that I was approved for the Disability Tax Credit. A lovely sum of money made its way into my bank account. With that money I did the following: 
- I payed off all credit card debt
- I put money away for a trip that Doug and I are planning for next year
- I earmarked money to go into a Retired Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) (I just need to make an appointment at the bank to open it).
- I put money into savings for unexpected things like car repairs and new tires. 

I still have a car loan as well as another loan. The car loan is finished next June (hurray!) and the other loan still has three years on it but, once the car loan is paid off I will take the money I was putting on my car payments and apply it to my loan which should knock it down in half the time. So, while my debt is not yet paid off, I am in a much better place finally and that huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Log 1000k of running - I managed to run 105k in September. That ties my biggest month of the year (February). I'm pretty happy that my foot has withstood the increase with very little whining. My year to date total is now 599k. I don't imagine I will be able to run 400k in three months but I may get close to 300k. Not bad after two months off to recover from my broken foot (see above). 

Complete two Aktiv Swim Series events - done! I managed to complete two events (both 1.9k swims). There are no more this season so that number won't change now. 

Complete 10 rounds of golf - done! I was able to get out on the course a lot more in September than in August. I have now played 14 rounds of golf as well as one 'tournament'. It wasn't really a tournament - just a bunch of foursomes playing at the local Golf and Country Club. We did end up coming in second and we won - wait for it - four golf balls. 

Not four each. Four total. Doug gave me his though so I totally scored. Plus the golf balls had the Giant Tiger logo on them which makes they way more fun to play with. Neither have ended up in a water hazard yet. 

Play the baby steps golf course and get a score of 50 or less - I've played this course six times now. The first time I played, I got a 61. Since then, I've scored 50, 50, 49, 47, 45 and 43 (which I scored last night thank you very much!). So I consider this goal officially met - six times. 

There isn't much left to work on. 

I will obviously keep running and we'll see how close I get to 1000k by the end of the year.  

I will obviously keep paying down my fixed payment debts and I will certainly NOT be putting anything on my credit card other than things that I cannot pay in cash (like race entry fees) but I will no longer be carrying a balance. I have money in savings. My financial house is in much better order than it was in January. Whew!

Now do you see why I said this might be my last official goal update for the year? 

I'll keep you posted on the running totals and any other significant advancements in debt reduction. And I guess I'll have to start planning next year's list eh? 

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  1. Aww congrats! What a great list of accomplishments! (and a great list of goals too!)