Friday, August 2, 2013

Not Feeling It

Twice yesterday I checked my sugar to discover that I was 3.6.

Twice yesterday I was surprised to discover I was low.

I didn't feel low before I checked.

That is very unusual.

The low symptoms didn't kick in once I saw a low number flash on my glucometer.

Also very unusual.

I know it's only one day but the thought of not feeling lows is very very scary.

The thought of going to sleep not knowing if my body will wake me up if I'm low is terrifying.

Here's hoping yesterday was a crazy rabbit day and today is not.


  1. That is a bit scary, but as it is unusual I bet the next ones return to normal. I find it so strange when I check and am low, or feel low and check and am perfectly fine. Have a good weekend!

  2. A while back, I wasn't feeling many of my "near lows" (although I was still feeling the bad ones). After a few weeks of normal BGs (whatever those are) those old hypo feelings came back again. :-/