Friday, August 9, 2013

Extra Small to Extra Large and Everything in Between

People come in all shapes and sizes.

Personally, I think that's pretty cool.

I have friends who are a foot shorter than me and friends who are a foot taller.

I have friends who weight half what I do and friends that weight twice what I do.

Friends who could fit both of their feet into one of my shoes and friends whose shoes could double as skis.

I have friends who would be hidden from view if they stood behind me and friends who would do the same for me.

I think variety is wonderful and I appreciate it for what it is.

I also think that some things should not vary quite so much.


I wear a size 10 1/2 W ladies shoe. Occasionally I fit into a 10 but I'd never fit into an 11 1/2 or an 8 1/2. I'm a 10 1/2 W give or take a teeny bit.

My prescription for my glasses is -1.75 in my right eye and -2.25 in my left. It doesn't change based on the glasses I want to buy or the contacts I order.

Example number two:

If I want to buy a new top, I will be anywhere from an extra small (imagine!) to an extra large.

If I want to buy pants, I range from a size 6 to a size 12.

Depends on the manufacturer and the style apparently.


I am not a fan of clothes shopping and, when I do decide to go, it takes more strength than presenting in front of a room full of people.

The other day I decided to go shopping for golf clothes because there is a huge sale going on and, well, I really don't have very much that works well for my new hobby. I got to the store and I walked around and around and around the ladies section. I picked up some M shirts and some L shirts. I grabbed some pants and shorts in sizes 8 through 12. I tried them all on and not one of them fit. Some were too big so I went a size down. Then they were too small. Others were too small so I went a size up. Then they were too big.

Despite literally hundreds of options, I left empty-handed. Partly of my own doing because I did not have the strength to walk around and around and around again looking for other options that might fit. I had gone earlier in the season and had had the same experience. Despite two trips to the change room, both times with armloads of clothes of various sizes, I left with nothing other than a headache and low self-esteem.

What's up with that?

Why can't I just be one size and be done with it?

I asked the lady in the change room and she agreed that it was frustrating. She said that different manufacturers no longer adhere to size standards and people just have to keep trying things on until they find what works.

That, my friends, is an exercise in frustration...and the reason why I never order clothes online.

I've had enough! If you're looking for me, I'll be the girl on the golf course wearing her trusty ol' jeans and a running shirt.

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