Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Superhero Without a Name

I did not go to swim practice on Monday morning because I was exhausted from Sunday’s triathlon. 

I can’t go to swim practice on Friday because we are going to be away.

That meant Wednesday morning was a must if I wanted any pool time this week.The fact that I was still tired from the race, had sore legs from running 8k on Tuesday and feeling overall crappy because it was the first day of my period – well that just made me feel hardcore when I somehow managed to drag myself downstairs despite the multiple reasons why I didn’t want to. 

The workout was a mishmash kinda workout. The board told us that we were warming up with 200m swim, 4x50m kick and 200m pull. 

We then had to do 4x75m (drill, swim, drill). Well, everyone else had to do that. Apparently George and I drill beautifully but our strokes fall apart when we try to swim so we had to just swim but focus on keeping our stroke looking good. High elbows, long reach – that sorta thing. 

Then the workout began. 

10 x 50m kick on 1:30s. We were told to try to do each 50m on 1:00 which would give us 30 seconds of rest. 

I did them all in 1:02 and change – in my typical metronome style. I always came in third – after superman who was doing them in 45-50 seconds and supergirl who was always just ahead of me in 0:58-1:00. 

Our next set was 4x200m (pull, drag, swim with buckets, pull). It’s a great 800m arm workout that left us pretty exhausted by the end.  

Next was 6x50m descending which means you start of at a pretty fast pace and try to get a little faster each time. I did mine in 0:50, 0:49, 0:48, 0:47, 0:47, 0:45. I’m not sure what I was prouder of, the speed of the last one or the fact that I actually managed to descend my times consistently. 

We finished off with 6x50m kicks. I only had time for 2 because I had to hop out and head to work. 

During the kick set at the beginning of the workout I had struggled to keep Superman and Supergirl within sight. This time I kept right up to them. This time I saw Superman struggle to surge ahead but he couldn’t. Supergirl pushed but couldn’t shake me either. They finished in 1:00.  I was right behind them at 1:02.

The next one, I was right with them. Kick for kick. From one end of the pool to the other. We all touched the wall at the same time. 1:02. 

I think I've discovered my superhero talent. I may not be the fastest. I may not be the strongest. But I’m the most consistent and the most steady. Given enough time I can wear anyone down. 

I’m not sure what my superhero name should be though.

Captain Metronome?

Consistent Woman?

Whatever my superhero name is, there is no way I’m wearing a cape in the pool. Way too much drag. 

Unless that's the workout of course. In which case, bring it on. 

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