Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emerging Patterns

Well I'm just about finished my two week blood sugar log for my upcoming appointment at the diabetes centre.

I usually do it two weeks out and finish on the morning of the appointment. This time I started early because I didn't want to be logging while we're at the cottage. It's annoying to write down everything while on vacation plus it's not really a good representation of blood sugar trends since I'll be out of my usual eating and fitness routine.

Before I started my log, I was thinking that I've been pretty good lately. Not too many lows. Not too many stubborn highs.

Highs and lows to be sure but they were out of the norm rather than 'normal'.

Then I started writing down everything for fourteen days.

And guess what I found?

I found that I was right about the highs. I did have highs but they were not very common and not very stubborn. Nothing that a good correction dose couldn't knock back into submission.

I also found out that I was wrong about the lows.

I had at least one low every day. Every. Single. Day.

That is not good at all.

There were no patterns that I could spot. I'd be low after a swim one day but not the others. Low at 3am one day but not others. Low after a run one day and high after a run the next. Low before dinner two days but not the others.

Most lows had a reason behind them that I could explain but that didn't seem to stop them from happening.

I am not sure what they are going to suggest for me to fix things but I'm guessing they are not going to be happy. Lows are dangerous.

The good news is that, because I test so often, I catch the lows pretty quickly. I'm usually between 3.6-3.9 (64-70) when I catch it which isn't too low considering 4 and above (72+) is considered ok. I did have the odd 2.9 (52) but those, thankfully, were a lot more rare.

Still though, low at least once a day for two weeks?

That is a problem I am going to have to fix and fast.


  1. Does that mean I'm a bad diabetic?
    I have at least one low a day, usually more like 2 or 3. I get middle-of-the-night lows a lot and most of the time they're in the low 2's.
    maybe I need to fix myself too....
    I never thought it was an issue at all. hmmm....

  2. A little scary isn't it. I would say that I also suffer at least one low a day, often more than that. My health care team feel that the majority of them are related to exercise, but like you said it is hard to come up with a pattern. If one day a run makes you low and the next high it is hard to predict what to do. They always want to fix the lows before the highs....definitely a work in progress! Please share any insight they give.