Monday, August 12, 2013

I Heard You the First Time

Last Friday, I was down to 19 units of insulin in my pump when I headed to work. I know it would be close but I figured I'd have just enough insulin left to get me through my workday. I hate wasting insulin if I can avoid it. I've been known to bring my needle to work with me for days when I have enough insulin left in the pump to take care of my basal but not enough for meals or snacks. 

That being said, I have never actually run Lucky down to zero. He's been close but there was always at least one unit left when I changed him. 

On Friday, I left work at 2:00pm. I had three quick errands to run on the way home. I drove to the first one and, as I was backing in to the parking spot, my pump alarmed. No insulin left it said. Lucky asked me to confirm the message. I did. 

Thanks Lucky! We'll be home in less than 30 minutes and I'll change you right away. I promise. 

I headed into the store and grabbed the three items I needed. I walked up to the counter to pay and my pump alarmed again. 

Maybe I didn't actually confirm the alarm the first time. I double-checked to confirm that I was indeed confirming the message and proceeded to pay and head back to my car. 

Thanks for the reminder Lucky. I'll change you as soon as I get home. 

I tossed the items in the car, did up my seat belt and prepared to pull out. 

Lucky alarmed again. 

Are you kidding me? Same message. Same confirmation on my part. 

Lucky - enough already. I get it. You want me to change you NOW. Well, I'm not home NOW but I'll be home in 20 minutes so relax!

I made two more quick stops. He continued to alarm like a misbehaving child every few minutes. He went off twice when I was checking out of grocery store. Twice when I was walking to my car and loading the groceries and twice when I was driving the short trip home. 

I debated taking out the battery to shut him up but it would be out for too long and I'd have to re-entre all my settings. I debating looking through the menus to see if there was a way to reduce the irritating alarm but I was too annoyed by the obnoxious alarms to do anything other than rush home. 

I got home, dragged my haul into the house and tossed it on the counter. Doug came down to say hello and happy weekend. I tried not to make my irritation too evident and told him through gritted teeth that I had to change my pump...NOW!

He unloaded the groceries, I changed Lucky and a fabulous sense of peace descended on the house. 

Lucky - you know I love you. But holy hannah you're an annoying little dude when you're unhappy.

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  1. In Lucky's defense, my MM Pardigm pump does this too when it's actually out of insulin (which isn't the same as being at 0 units, I've discovered). After that happens, every time it tries to deliver some of basal insulin, I get the "NO DELIVERY" error message and have to acknowledge it. Lucky is just looking out for you.