Friday, August 16, 2013

Diabetes Golf - Like Frisbee Golf Only Weirder

I went golfing twice this week. 


That's, like, what real golfers do. 

Doug and I joined another couple on Tuesday night for a 9-hole game on my par 3 course. The one I set a goal to score under 50 on by the end of the summer. I scored 61 the first time I played which was pretty awful. The second time I got 50 on the nose. On Tuesday night, I scored 49. 


Then last night, I went golfing with two girlfriends. We call ourselves the ladies who really suck at golf group and we all play at pretty much the same level. Which is like two notches above horrible. Which makes it fun. And takes the pressure off. 

We played 9 holes on my favourite course which has par 3s and par 4s. 

It was my third time playing this course too. The first time I played I got 53. 

The second time I played I scored 53. 

Last night I scored 52. 

Slowly but surely I'm getting better. 

Oh, and in a weird diabetes golf twist, let me tell you about my dream the other night. 

I was working as Phil Mickelson's caddy (which would be a pretty fun job I'd imagine). I started to feel low as we were walking so I told him I needed to stop and eat His eyes light up. "Oh, you have type 1 diabetes? So do I" he said. (he doesn't, as far as I know, but it's a dream so whatever)

"Want me to autograph your jacket?" he asked. "Actually" I said, sweating profusely and feeling dangerously low "I just need to get my emergency carbs out of my bag". "Oh, but we're both type 1, please let me autograph your jacket" he insisted. 

I started to feel very angry - and very shaky at the same time. Then I thought "Phil seems like such a cool guy on television. I can't believe he's being such a jerk. Especially since he has diabetes too. No he doesn't. That other golfer guy does. I wonder if I'm dreaming."

Then I woke up and discovered I was 2.8 and sweating profusely. 

Thanks Phil, for pissing me off enough to wake me up. 


  1. Phil Mickelson is your diabetes alert golfer.

  2. Quite the dream! Looks like Big Phil saved the day and woke you up. Nice golfing lady!!