Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hi folks,

I was missing in action for a bit there but I'm back now. I am fine and so is Doug but, due to a rather difficult loss in the family, we ended up with an unexpected week off at home which gave us lots to time together and gave me lots of time to think.

Think about health and fitness and family and priorities.

And I made some decisions.

I decided that I not going to run the Niagara Falls half marathon at the end of October. Yes, I had built myself back up to 20k and was running well. Yes, it's already taper time so technically the hardest runs are already behind me. But I decided that I didn't want to make this run a priority over the next few weekends. It made more sense to commit a bit more time to family right now.

I also decided that I don't have to blog every week from Monday to Friday. I have been doing that for a few years now and I love it. But last week I simply stopped doing it because we had more important things to focus on. I missed it but I was glad that I didn't have to make time to write every day on days when it would have been hard to do that. So I plan to continue with Running on Carbs. I love writing it. I love knowing that other people out there read it and get something from it, but I won't worry so much if I can't write something every single day.

I decided that I really like golf. Doug and I had several hours free every day so we managed to get on the golf course almost every day last week. I logged a lot of kilometres in my golf shoes, I topped up my vitamin D levels and I might have even improved my game a bit in the process. Some people find golf frustrating. I discovered that the golf course is one of the most healing places to be.

I decided to sign up for curling again. Partly for the joy of playing a sport that I love. Mostly for the friendships that come with it.

I decided to try to call my parents more often. I decided to take a bit of time to make healthy meals with lots of leftovers for lunches and those hectic days when it's tough to cook for dinner. I decided to initiate more get togethers with friends. I decided to do a lot of things, most of them small, most of them not even noticeable to others, because I was reminded once again how fragile and how fleeting life can be.


  1. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and Doug.

    You're one of the most balanced people I've ever met, and it's wonderful how you prioritize what's really most important. Keep writing when you want to, and we'll keep eagerly reading when you do.

  2. I keep drafting up a comment and then an email and then a comment .. etc. But the words don't seem to come out right. So... I'll just say this... thank you for this post. I am glad you wrote it on so many levels.
    May you and Doug find only the best to keep you going.
    As you know I can't handle the M-F blogging. I tried it for a little while waaaay back when but couldn't keep up with it. No matter what.. we (your dedicated readers) will always be around.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you had a loss, that is never easy - thinking of you.

    I like the idea of focusing more on the small things, makes you sit back and think. I will read your blog anytime you post :)