Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Than I Can Chew? Perhaps. But it's Tasty.

Last week I ran three times, cycled once and golfed twice. A nice amount of exercise but also the kind of week that gave me a few days off.

This week, things seem to be cranking up a notch.

Here's the plan:
- I'm still running three times with a 20k run on Saturday.
- The fall masters session at the pool started so I'm aiming to be there twice.
- I have three golf games planned (all 9 holes since they are after work)
- I'll be cycling on Sunday if the weather is good
- I'm starting that new core fit class I mentioned a few weeks ago which runs Tuesday/Thursday evenings for an hour

That's a LOT of activity for one week. Considering I do have other things like work, eat, sleep and perhaps do a chore or two to do.

If I do it all, I'll be trying to fit 11 activities into 7 days. If you look at it in terms of time, I'll be running 4.5 hours, swimming for 3, golfing for 6, cycling 1.5 and core-fitting for 2. That's 17 hours of activity over 7 days, not counting the time spent getting ready and then recovering from these workouts.

That means a) a lot of exercise and b) two days of double workouts (running an hour before work and then doing a core fit class after work).

Being a) not a big fan of evening workouts and b) an complete neophyte when it comes to core fit anything, I'm expecting to be a wee bit tired and sore by Sunday. In fact, I imagining next Sunday afternoon to be one of those glorious couch-filled, tea sipping ones.

This is not a routine I expect to be able to sustain for very long. No days off plus a few days of double workouts makes for quick burnout in my books.

That being said, I'm doing it because a) I can (or I think I can anyway), b) it won't be for long, it's just because golf and cycling season haven't ended yet but the fall activities are ramping up and c) I'm a stubborn lassie who doesn't want to postpone the start of one activity simply because another one hasn't ended yet.

Feel free to make violin noises if I start whining later this week.

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