Monday, September 8, 2014

Search Topics

Every once in a while I go into the back end of Blogger.

It's not nearly as inappropriate as it sounds - trust me.

I go into my blog by the back door and I get to see all sorts of interesting stats. Like how many people from Russia read my blog last week. And which blog posts were the most popular last month. And how many people accessed my blog using a tablet rather than a mac.

My favourite stats section is the section on searches. It tells me the different search words or phrases people typed in a search engine that resulted in them finding and then clicking on Running on Carbs.

Some search terms make sense. Like 'Running on Carbs' or 'type 1 diabetes'.

Others, not so much.

Last week, the following search terms brought people to Running on Carbs.

- gluing flag on backpack

- I am afraid of penis insertion

- kale chips are gross

- anabel showering naked day 6

- realistic dragons

I can explain the kale chips one since I once wrote a pretty cutting story about how gross they are (they were really gross)

I remember writing a post about how I once had a horribly high blood sugar overnight and was dreaming of very realistic and terrifying dragons.

A few years ago I did write about a book I had just read called Anabel AND and I do write about taking the odd naked shower. I didn't write about those two things in the same story but perhaps Google doesn't care? And I wonder if the Anabel they were searching for showered naked on days 1 to 5 as well?

I assure you that I never once wrote about the first two. At least not in those words. I have written about flags, glue and backpacks as they are all fairly common words. And I have written a lot about insertion sites - but I'm usually talking about insulin pump infusion site insertion which, while difficult to say quickly, is not exactly x-rated.

The best part of all is that by putting all of these search terms into one blog post, I will probably get more hits and ever weirder search term combinations.

It's like a vicious and yet rather entertaining cycle.

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