Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Run

Thursday morning, 36 hours after my first CoreFit class, I dragged my screaming body out of bed. Everything hurt. Abs, back, legs, glutes. In fact, the only muscles that didn't hurt were my arms.

I really need to grab heavier weights next week. 

CoreFit part two was Thursday night and I was a little worried about how sore I was. I didn't want to go to a second class if it meant sacrificing my Saturday 20k run because I couldn't move. So I made myself get up Thursday morning and go for a 5k run. Just to make sure I could.

I stood at the end of my driveway in the cool, dark early morning with my finger poised over my watch. Ready to hit start and head off down the road. Ready? Hit the button CĂ©line. C'mon girlie hit the button.







I willed my butt muscles into gear and headed off. After the first ten seconds of awkward fumbling while I tried to remember how my legs worked, it felt ok. Not run like the wind ok but I think I'll survive the run ok. I was slower than normal but I was moving and nothing really hurt very much. Just stiff and really achy.

I warmed up for 2 1/2 kilometres and then figured I should stop and stretch a bit. I did and it felt really good. Then I tried to start running again. I almost laughed out loud as I felt my butt muscles quiver in fear and do their best to help propel me forward. It was a little more of a lurch than a lunge but I was moving again and ran the second half without incident.

I made it home and felt better knowing that I could indeed run.

Looks like I would be going to Thursday's class and looks like I would be running 20k on Saturday after all.

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