Friday, September 5, 2014

In Two Months...

Guess what??

I get to do another presentation! My third diabetes-related presentation.

My phone rang the other day and I chatted with someone I have never met who is helping to organize an event. Ten minutes later I had a date in my calendar and a new audience to start thinking about.

The first two times I was asked to speak, I spoke to a room full of diabetes educators. I talked about life with diabetes. I talked about the fact that I'm a person first and a person with diabetes second. I talked about the things they could do to help people like me.

This time, I'm talking to a group of women, all of whom have Type 1 diabetes. I'm part of a day full of presentations by all sorts of different people from different backgrounds talking about different things.

Instead of talking about what the audience can do to help people like me, I'm going to be talking about what the audience full of people like me can do to help themselves.

It's similar but it's different. I'm trying to imagine what I would want to hear if I were sitting in the audience. I'm trying to imagine what I would be motivated by. I'm trying to imagine what things I have to say that may inspire someone a little bit. That may teach them a little more. That may make their life, diabetes-wise or otherwise, a little easier.

I have two months to gather my thoughts in a coherent order, put them to slides and toss a few photos in for fun.

I'm already excited.

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