Monday, September 15, 2014


Last Tuesday I tried my first CoreFit Class. I had never been to a class like that before. 

I knew it would be hard. 

I knew it would be good for me. 

I knew I would probably curse in my head a few times, perhaps curse out loud once or twice but, at the end of it, I knew I'd probably want to come back again. 

Thankfully I had a friend with me who was a veteran of the class and could show me where to put my equipment and explain why exactly we needed to grab two cloths in addition to the weights and balance balls.

The class started off with a warmup that had me feeling incredibly grateful that my mother and I used to go to step classes together. Being rather uncoordinated and often unable to make my arms and legs follow instructions at the same, those almost forgotten step class moves miraculously reappeared, allowing me to almost keep up with the warmup. 

The warmup ended with squats. Lots and lots of squats. Plain squats. Squats with weights. Squats that you hold while standing on your toes. Squats that have you shaking so badly that when you a finally allowed to stand up again you're not sure if you actually can. 

The squats were followed by planks. And more planks. And side planks. And planks with weights (who knew that was possible??). Planks where you slide backwards and forwards (now I know why we needed those cloths!)

And abs. And more abs. And abs with your legs in the air. Abs while balancing on balls. 

Finally arms. Lots of arms. Arms, as it turns out, were my favourite. Probably because I grabbed weights that were too light which made me feel super strong. Probably also because my arms are much stronger than they used to be thanks to all the swimming and it made me feel kinda badass. 

By the time we were ready to cool down, I was shaking so much I wasn't sure I could stand up for the cool down. I did. And I was grateful to see that most of the other women were looking as exhausted as I was. 

I stumbled home and into bed. I felt great for having done it but I knew I was going to be in for a few days of sore muscles. What I didn't realize was how quickly that soreness would appear and how sore I would be. By Wednesday morning I could not sit up in bed without using my arms and by Wednesday afternoon I could not lower myself down into a chair or stand up from a seated position without a deep steadying breath and some pretty major arm action. 

The first time is always the worst and I was still looking forward to the following Tuesday to do it all over again. 

Problem was that there was another class on Thursday and I wasn't sure I'd be able to climb into my car let alone survive part two. 

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