Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Workout Update

Another month has flown by and just like that the summer is over and all the kids are back in school. Which means I had better drive extra slowly to work this morning to avoid getting a dreaded back to school speeding ticket.

August was a pretty good month fitness-wise. Here are the final numbers:

Strength and Core
I only managed to squeeze in one of those core/strength workouts that I discovered in July. Not impressive by any means. On a positive note (I think?!?) I was convinced by a few of my super fit friends to join them on Tuesday/Thursday evenings for a corefit class. They promised me pain but the kind of pain I would enjoy ('like intervals or long runs' they said). They keep mentioning 'twisties' and then laughing maniacally. Being a fan of new challenges, I signed up. The first class is on September 9th. Stay tuned for updates.

Another rather abysmal cycling month. Because of family commitments and birthday celebrations I only had one Sunday free to join our cycling group so I put a total of 28k on my bike. Sigh

Swimming has picked up again and I managed to get a bunch of workouts in. Seven as a matter of fact, for a total of 17,700m of swimming. The pool is closed now for a week but I'm signing up for the fall session which starts on September 8th.

I managed to golf a grand total of 9 times in August. Three 9-hole games and 6 18-hole ones. I walked a total of 59.5k which took just about 24 hours. That's a lot of walking out in the fresh air. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so frisky.

The first month of half marathon training is done and it went well. I ran 12 times in August and covered 105,6k in 11 hours and 45 minutes. I also managed one hill workout and one interval workout.

In a month of 31 days, I managed to do 30 different workouts. Some days doubled up and some days were workout-free but, overall, things are humming along nicely. I've probably got another 6-8 weeks of golf left, corefit starts in a week and curling ramps up again in October. It's just a revolving door of activity.

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