Thursday, August 28, 2014

Four Days of Oatmeal and Hallucinations

Hi folks!

Sorry about yesterday. Doug and I were off adventuring, got home late and, well, I just didn't have time to write anything. Life comes first right?

I'm back.

All sorts of things have happened since we last spoke.

- I dropped my golf handicap by another stroke. Woot!

- I had a no hitter day. That's a day when my blood sugars don't hit the high or the low threshold I have set on Rose. No buzzing. No beeping. Just a nice easy up and down ride between 4 and 10. The best part? I wasn't even trying.

- I tried a new oatmeal. I usually make slow cooking rolled oats when I'm craving oatmeal but, a while ago, I found a cereal that has those plus 7 other fun things. Like flax seeds and quinoa flakes and other fibre-filled tasty goodies. I made it the other day, topped it with raspberries and blueberries and a bit of almond milk and voilĂ ! Delicious, nutritious and 10 grams of fibre to boot.

I have been forty for four days. In those four days I may have:

1. hallucinated that my shoulder was covered in ants. They may have also been real. I was watering my parents' garden, looked over and noticed there were about 50 of those big black ants crawling all over my left shoulder. I freaked out, brushed my shoulder so vigorously that they all disappeared and then I freaked out more and hosed off my entire shoulder. I then spent 10 minutes wondering how they got there in the first place, if they were real or imagined and whether the neighbours think I have lost it.

2. forgotten more than a handful of words and said the complete opposite of what I had in my head out loud more than once. As in "it's crazy how much colder it is on this side of the building when we are sheltered from the lake". "Did you mean warmer?" "Yes, yes I did."

3. developed mild carpal tunnel in my left wrist after playing two golf games over two days.

4. discovered that I have been looking over and under my actual glasses when trying to look at something up close for a while now. I tried to fill my new insulin reservoir and noticed that I can't do it unless I don't actually look through my glasses. Do I see bifocals in my future? I also can't read small print while wearing my contacts. I'm going to become one of those ladies with three different pairs of glasses in her purse.

5. found a grey eyebrow hair. I wasn't even looking. It was just sticking straight up one morning. How does that happen?

Like it just grew two inches overnight? Really??

And how do ants just mysteriously appear on your shoulder. I was not standing under a tree, they were only on my left shoulder and nowhere else and there was like an entire colony of them.

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