Friday, August 1, 2014

July Roundup

How is it possible that it's August already? How is it possible that it's now dark when I get up to go swimming? It wasn't dark a few weeks ago but now it is. We've turned the corner folks. Time to start sharpening our pumpkin carving knives and pulling our sweaters out of mothball storage (that is if anyone actually does that anymore?).

August first means that it's time to report on how July went in the exercise department. 

Here's what the numbers looked like: 

I cycled once. Very embarrassing but true. I blame it on wedding showers (still!!) and rain. Anyway, I've cycled a total of 1.5 hours and covered a whopping 32.5k. Sigh.

I have added that strength training workout I wrote about last week. I've done it three times so far. I'm not sure how to report on strength training other than to say how many times I've done it and happily report that each time my muscles were less sore afterwards. 

I ran 12 times. I covered 85k in 9.5 hours. I did two interval sessions (both 6x800m), two hill training sessions and one unexpected tempo run on Tuesday. My Saturday long runs have been 9-10k. I'll be adding distance to those in August but I'm very happy with how things went in July. 

I'm back in the swimming groove. I swam 7 times and covered 23450m in 10 hours. I've done distance sets, 75m sprint sets, 100m repeats until I can't remember my own name sets and have loved them all. Best moments? When I managed to somehow do 100m in 1:35 and this past Wednesday when I had to do 16x100m on 2:00 and kept all of them between 1:44 and 1:47 (pretty fast for me and very consistent which was the whole point of the workout). 

I golfed 8 times in July. Some 9-hole games and a bunch of 18-hole games as well. 8 games translates into 21 hours of walking (while carrying golf clubs) and I covered 52k worth of manicured lawns on my own two feet. All the walking had me a little worried about how my cranky shins and once-broken foot would hold up but they seem to be doing just fine. If fact I went for a massage this week and was told that my legs felt better than they have in years. 

Grand total
I did 30 different workouts in July. I had six days off but every other day I did at least one thing. My body was active and moving a total of 43 hours and on feet, wheels or in the water I covered 190km. 

My body seems happy with all the exercise and seems to respond well to the variety. 

Looks like I'm not a 'put all your eggs in one basket' kinda girl. 

August goals 
Find more time for the bike and try to get 10 of those strength training workouts in. Everything else I'm happy with as it is. 

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