Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hole In One

Perspective is everything.

A gentleman who swims at the pool every morning one day collapses in the locker room and does not survive.

Some people ask how that is possible since he was so active. Some people wonder if all the exercise put too much strain on him and caused the heart attack.

Others wonder how many years the swimming added to his life and think about how much time he may have given himself by taking the time to add fitness to his routine.

A woman was a long-time friend and yoga instructor to a man who, recently, committed suicide.

The instructor wonders why they weren't able to help them.

I wonder if they unknowingly helped add years to his life simply by being a friend, by giving him a quiet place to calm the voices in his head and unconditionally loving him.

A family member passes away and the funeral mass is packed with family and friends.

I could wonder why some people were not there.

Or I could marvel at the effort made by the ones who were and spend the next few hours catching up to cousins not seen in decades.

In every organization there are many many employees who are competent, fun to work with, inspiring and committed. There are a handful who are the opposite of that.

We can choose to focus on supporting to folks who move things forward...

...or we can waste hours of frustrated energy on the few who don't.

On a 9-hole par 3 course every hole is technically within striking distance from the tee.

I can cross my fingers and hope I hit a shot that isn't too bad.

Or I can try every single time, week after week, to get a hole in one.

Life is a journey we cannot predict nor control.

How we respond to life's events, large or small, has a huge effect on what the journey feels like.

I think the man at the pool added years to his life by going swimming every morning and it inspired me to continue my own efforts to be active and healthy.

I think the yoga instructor helped her friend in ways she will never understand and may have save his live many times over without ever knowing it.

I am grateful I was able to attend my uncle's funeral and have time to spend with cousins who last saw me when I was in high school.

I choose to support the folks who try to move things forward and make this world a better place.

And I try on every single par 3 hole I play, at every golf course I play at, to get a hole in one. When I don't, I'm extra motivated to get it on the next one.

One day I will.

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