Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Roundup

September is the new August. I have heard that a few times, often in jest, but this year it is most definitely true in Southern Ontario. Last week, when we were off, we enjoyed blue skies and temperatures in the mid 20s every single day. It was glorious. Here is hoping it lasts well into October.

Well, since it's the last day in September, I guess I owe you all a summary on how the month went in terms of activity. Here's how it shook down:

I swam twice. That was due to a) the pool being closed at the beginning of the month and b) my not swimming last week when I was off. That being said, I did get 3 hours in the pool and managed to swim 6350m.

Cycling continues to be abysmal and I have pretty much given up on the entire activity until next spring. Or at least until I head down into the bowels of the basement and do my mid-winter Bending Crank Arms videos that I love to hate.

I cycled once and covered 36.5k on the ride. C'est tout.

Running went much better since a) I'm pretty religious about it most of the time and b) until last week I was right in the middle of half-marathon training. So I logged exactly 100km of running in September and ran for a total of 11 hours and 15 minutes. The runs went well for the most part and I plan to continue with the routine with a few changes for October. I want to go back to doing interval and hill training. I enjoyed that for a few months but then stopped once I started increasing my long run distance since my shins can only take so much pounding. And I plan to keep my weekend runs up in the 12-16km distance so I am ready for the Boxing Day ten miler on, you guessed it, Boxing Day.

CoreFit and Tabata
I started CoreFit and Tabata classes in September for the first time ever. I crawled home after the first week, I shuffled home after the second week and I bounced home after the third. After only three weeks I can tell I am stronger and my body is able to handle all the planks and tippy-toe squats we have to do. I enjoy it and am glad that I will have these classes to keep me moving in the winter months.  So in total I did seven one-hour classes in September.

Golf continues to be my new-found passion and I love it more with each game. The weather has been so lovely that I have been able to play a lot. And by a lot I mean that I played 10 games (3 9-hole games and 7 18-hole games). I spent 31.5 hours on the golf course and walked a total of 77km. I brought my handicap down one more notch which is both frustrating and satisfying all at the same time. If we're lucky we'll get one more month in before it gets too cold to play. And then all I can do is dream until the buds are back on the trees...or convince Doug that we really need to head somewhere in February to play a few rounds. You know, to keep our edge.

In total I did 32 different workouts on 22 different days. I doubled up on several days by running in the morning and then going to CoreFit or Tabata after dinner. Heck, last Tuesday I managed to run 7k, play 18 holes of golf and get back on time for CoreFit. It was crazy but fun.

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