Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not Feeling It

When I started my CoreFit classes a few weeks ago, I decided not to go swimming the morning after. 

The classes are on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I was so sore the following morning that it made no sense to get up at 4:45am on Wednesday and Friday morning to head to the pool for a 90-minute workout. 

So for the past few weeks I have been swimming on Monday mornings but then taking Wednesday and Friday mornings off. "Just until my body adjusts to CoreFit and then you can get back into the pool" I told myself. 

Since I wasn't swimming before work, I slept in a bit on Wednesday and Friday mornings. I wasn't too worried about the lack of activity because I was golfing 9 holes most Wednesdays after work and 18 holes most Fridays. Fifteen kilometres of walking between the two days and those walks did wonders to loosen up my tight squatting muscles. 

This past Sunday night I went to bed thinking "I really don't want to swim in the morning". That is a rather unusual thought for me but I listened to it and I didn't pack my swim bag. It turned out to be a good decision since I spent the night waking up every half hour as Rose vibrated me awake to tell me that I was STILL hovering above 10.0 despite 2, 3, 4 and finally 5 correction boluses to bring it down. I woke up at 6am exhausted and grateful that I had planned to sleep in a bit anyway. 

I went to bed last night thinking "I don't want to swim in the morning". So I didn't. 

I may go to bed on Thursday night thinking the same thing. I may not. But I feel like my body is looking for a) a break from swimming and b) a break from getting up early every day of the week to exercise. 

I'm listening to my body but I'm doing so with a cautious ear. 

My body tells me when it is tired and needs a break. It also happily settles into a less active routine and will need a swift and brutal kick to force it back into gear again. There will be some complaining that I will just have to ignore. 

So I am allowed to take this week off from the pool. I will be taking the following week off as well since a) Monday is a holiday and b) we are away later in the week. 

The week after that though, I will be setting the alarm whether I want to or not. Because it will be time to kick it back into gear and get my body moving in the pool before it forgets how. 

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