Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Changing of the Guard

The golf season is quickly coming to a close. If you had told me last year how sad that would make me, I would not have believed you. And yet here I am writing about how sad that makes me.

The days are getting shorter which means that it's harder to squeeze even 9 holes in after work before it's too dark to see the ball. The weather is getting rainier which means that, more often than not, the times that I can golf it's raining which means I can't. The temperature is dropping which means that, soon, it will be too darn cold.

On Thanksgiving monday (Canadian Thanksgiving that is) we have to take our golf bags home for the winter. They are stored at the golf club all summer but all that changes next Monday. The clubs go back to their homes, the storage area is scrubbed clean and then our ice maker starts transforming the room for curling season. The air condensers will be turned on the floor that held all the golf bags and carts will be flooded with water and, within two weeks, we will be sliding across it in our curling shoes - trying to remember how not to fall.

Running is one of the sports that I get to do in all seasons. Swimming is too thanks to the miracle of indoor pools. Cycling moves inside to the trainer in the colder months but it's still possible to bend those crank arms when the wind is howling in February. But golf doesn't happen during the Canadian winter and curling doesn't happen during the Canadian summer.

It's almost time for the changing of the guard.

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