Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zip and the Gang are Going to Florida

Hi kids! It's me Zip. The fitbit.

Omigoodness I am SO excited. Céline, Rose and I are going to Florida today.

We are apparently going to a conference. Called Friends for Life. It's all about diabetes.

Céline is trying to convince me that there are going to be tons of people with diabetes there. She said that they have some sort of super secret way to spot the other people with diabetes. Green bracelets or some sort of thing like that. And people who aren't lucky enough to have diabetes but who are lucky enough to love someone who does get to wear orange bracelets. I asked what happens to the people who don't have diabetes or love someone who does but she didn't answer me. I'm trying not to worry about it.

She is also telling me that there will be other Roses and Lucky's and Dexters there for me to talk to.

I wonder if Rose, my Rose I mean, will be jealous if she sees other Roses. Or if she will think it's fun to compare notes. Maybe the conference is for her too. So she can learn how to be a better pump. Or learn a few tricks for being the best blood sugar monitor ever.

Céline tells me that we're going to spend a lot of time in 'sessions' and talking to people but she promises me that we're going for a run or two (outside if possible but it's apparently really hot there). She tells me that there are three (three!) pools at the hotel so she'll be going swimming too. I'll be safely tucked away in her pool bag though since I'm not that strong a swimmer. Rose is - she's a wicked swimmer and is happy to hang out in the water all day.

The weirdest thing though is that Céline keeps talking about these really big mice. They are apparently the size of humans. They wear white gloves. And they talk. By talk I mean English, not mice gibberish. Their names are Mickey and Minnie and apparently they live not too far from the hotel. Céline said that they and their friends are really cool and we might be visiting them. She's talking about a place called Downtown Disney that has shops and restaurants and other cool things and said we might spot the mice there.

Mickey is apparently on the left. Minnie is one the right. Although rumour has it that she also wears red dresses with polka dots. 

The second weirdest thing is that Céline got her nails done for the trip. She picked a bright red colour because, she said, it's the colour red of the Canadian flag AND it's the colour of Minnie's dress. And then she got white dots painted on some of her nails. She said Minnie would approve.

I think the whole thing is rather strange but who am I am to say? I mean we are also apparently getting into a big bus with wings and are flying through to air to get to Orlando. If that actually happens, I'm happy to believe in talking mice who wear red dresses with white polka dots every day.

I'll make Céline take a lot of pictures and write every day while we're there. See you soon!!

Oh, and Happy Canada Day eh?

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